Whistleblowers Benefit from Wider Choice of Appeals, Report Says. Exposing Misconduct.

Whistleblowers Benefit from Wider Choice of Appeals, Report Says

April 25, 2018

Allowing federal employees who lose whistleblower retaliation cases at the MSPB a choice of federal courts for their appeals has worked to the employees’ advantage and should be continued, a Senate committee report argues.

The report provides the justification for full Senate approval of HR-2229, which already has passed the House and recently cleared the Senate committee level. It would reinstate and make permanent a pilot program ordered in late 2012, but which expired last November, allowing employees to appeal to their regional federal appeals court rather than only to the Washington, D.C.-based Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

With exclusive jurisdiction over those cases, that court had issued a string of decisions restrictive of whistleblower rights that were overturned by the same 2012 law creating the pilot program of “all-circuit review.”

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