Whistleblower Fights to Restore Hospital Kickback Claims. Exposing Misconduct.

Whistleblower Fights to Restore Hospital Kickback Claims

February 1, 2019

MIAMI (CN) – Depending on who you ask, a case on appeal Friday in the 11th Circuit is either the latest chapter in a saga of brazen health care fraud by Hospital Corporation of America or the work of an overzealous whistleblower looking to capitalize on the company’s past misdeeds.

In the 11th Circuit’s Miami division, whistleblower Thomas Bingham wants to resurrect his claims that HCA, a publicly traded company with a portfolio of more than 170 hospitals, surreptitiously greased the palms of physician tenants at an office building on HCA’s Centerpoint hospital campus in Independence, Missouri.

He claims the company schemed to continue its entrenched kickback practices even after a historic Medicare fraud investigation, which included separate physician kickback allegations, yielded $1.7 billion in criminal penalties and civil fines against it more than 15 years ago.

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