The State of Whistleblowing. Exposing Misconduct.

The State of Whistleblowing

April 4, 2018

We continue to read headlines of whistleblowers receiving large, sometimes, multi-million-dollar awards after successful prosecutions of companies for a variety of criminal and civil offenses.  From these headlines, we may be convinced that whistleblowers continue to grow in influence and achieving real results – the improvement of overall corporate performance.  I hate to burst the proverbial bubble, but it is difficult to reach such a conclusion.  Why?

Companies continue to fear whistleblowers.  To use a strategy of paradoxical intervention, companies need to change that attitude and change it now.  I am not here to defend every whistleblower, but I am willing to defend the importance of a whistleblowing function – companies need insights and information on potential wrongdoing so that they can affirmatively take steps to stop wrongdoing, remediate the business’ conduct and ensure that the problem does not happen again.

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