Takata Whistleblowers Awarded $1.7 Million. Exposing Misconduct.

Takata Whistleblowers Awarded $1.7 Million

December 5, 2018

Three whistleblowers will share $1.7 million for warning the government about Takata Corp.’s dangerous violations of federal safety laws and providing a substantial amount of information that helped the government make its case against the corporation, according to Insurance Journal. The three men are former employees of Takata, the maker of tens of millions of defective airbags.

As of April 2018, automakers have recalled approximately 50 million defective Takata airbag inflators, with more recalls expected in the next year. Millions of airbags have yet to be replaced, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In a crash airbag inflators can over-pressurize and explode sending metal shards tearing into vehicle occupants. The defective inflators, which have been used by 19 different automakers, have been blamed for 23 deaths and more than 260  injuries worldwide.

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