Sarbanes-Oxley Whistleblower Guide Released on 15th Anniversary of SOX. Exposing Misconduct.

Sarbanes-Oxley Whistleblower Guide Released on 15th Anniversary of SOX

August 21, 2017

Fifteen years ago, GAP successfully persuaded Congress to include a whistleblower protection provision in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act(SOX). The purpose of Section 806 of SOX is to combat a “corporate code of silence,” which “discourage[s] employees from reporting fraudulent behavior.” Congress sought to empower whistleblowers to serve as an effective early warning system and help prevent corporate scandals. GAP has played a leading role in litigating the scope of SOX whistleblower protection and successfully lobbied for enhancements to SOX in 2010, including an amendment clarifying the right to a jury trial for corporate whistleblowers.

On the fifteenth anniversary of the enactment of SOX, Zuckerman Law, a leading whistleblower law firm, has issued a guide to SOX titled “Sarbanes-Oxley Whistleblower Protection: Robust Protection for Corporate Whistleblowers.” The guide summarizes SOX whistleblower protections and offers concrete tips for corporate whistleblowers based on lessons learned during years of litigating SOX whistleblower cases.

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