Multimillion-dollar medical scams stopped by whistleblowers. Exposing Misconduct.

Multimillion-dollar medical scams stopped by whistleblowers

October 23, 2019

In theory, whistleblowing should be patently protected at every level. In reality, whistleblowing is advocated for via a complex web of US statutes, protections, and agencies. For instance, OSHA enforces more than 20 federal laws—such as the Affordable Care Act and Occupational Safety and Health Act—that protect workplace safety in a variety of industries, including healthcare, consumer goods, financial reform, nuclear energy and power, and transportation services. However, with the exception of US Postal Service workers, OSHA does not protect federal employees. Instead, whistleblowing involving federal government employees is handled by the Office of Special Counsel.

Whistleblowers bring attention to frauds that rake in millions and leave patients in the lurch.

As can be imagined, the road of a whistleblower is a tough row to hoe. The immediate consequences can be downright scary. Retaliation can take the form of blacklisting, demoting, disciplining, reassigning, firing, threats, suspension, cut in pay, and more. If done in a timely manner, a complaint about retaliation can be filed with OSHA. With this in mind, here are some of the most notable medical whistleblowing cases in recent US history.

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