Humana, Roche Diagnostics Face $45M Federal Kickback Lawsuit. Exposing Misconduct.

Humana, Roche Diagnostics Face $45M Federal Kickback Lawsuit

June 14, 2018

 – Humana and Roche Diagnostics will face a $45 million federal kickback lawsuit after a whistleblower filed a False Claims Act violation, which alleges Roche tried to entice Humana financially to secure access to the payer’s business operations.

A federal judge in the Northern District of Illinois has dismissed two motions to appeal a 2014 whistleblower lawsuit, alleging that Humana was ready to terminate a contract with Roche Diagnostics in 2013 that would have effectively removed Roche’s diabetes glucose monitoring products from Humana formularies.

A whistleblower by the name of Crystal Derrick informed federal agencies that Roche Diagnostics overpaid Humana $45 million in drug rebates. Derrick’s testimony also suggested that Roche Diagnostics offered to accept a $27.5 million of the $45 million and would allow Humana to keep the remainder. She believes Roche used the additional payment in order to remain in Humana’s good graces and on the payer’s device formulary.

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