Comprehensive Pain Specialists lawsuit: Who are the 7 whistleblowers?. Exposing Misconduct.

Comprehensive Pain Specialists lawsuit: Who are the 7 whistleblowers?

April 24, 2019

Federal and state prosecutors confirmed this week they plan to file a fraud lawsuit against the owners of Comprehensive Pain Specialists, a Brentwood company that was once one of the largest pain management chains in the nation.

Defendants will include the company owners, including Nashville Sen. Steve Dickerson, an anesthesiologist who co-founded CPS in 2005.

Federal court records say the fraud lawsuit will adopt and consolidate allegations from seven whistleblowers who filed sealed lawsuits against the company over the past three years. The complaints were unsealed on Tuesday after government prosecutors announced their intent to sue.

So, who are the whistleblowers? At least five are former CPS employees who say they were fired by the company after discovering wrongdoing.

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