Am I Protected as a Whistleblower?. Exposing Misconduct.

Am I Protected as a Whistleblower?

November 9, 2017

To this day, Congress has not passed a comprehensive whistleblower protection law. Unlike other areas of employment law, such as federal laws prohibiting race, sex, or age discrimination, there is no uniform national law to provide understandable rules and procedures for blowing the whistle on your employer.

Instead, there are over fifty separate federal whistleblower protection or financial reward laws, with fifty unique definitions of protected activity, fifty different statutes of limitation, and fifty different procedures for filing claims. In addition, there are literally hundreds of state statutory and common law protections for whistleblowers.

You might assume having so many whistleblower protection laws would provide widespread coverage for whistleblowers across the workforce. But the laws are confusing, sometimes contradictory, and riddled with loopholes.

Deciding which law, you should report under is in many ways the single most important decision affecting the outcome of your case.

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