Big Win for Whistleblowers In Bipartisan Budget Act. Exposing Misconduct.


Big Win for Whistleblowers In Bipartisan Budget Act

February 9, 2018

The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, approved today by the U.S. Congress, included two key whistleblower-rights amendments initially introduced by Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA). These amendments ensure that employees who blow the whistle on criminal tax fraudsters are covered under the IRS whistleblower law, and end the double-taxation of whistleblower awards under the Dodd-Frank Act. These amendments fixed […]

Dodd-Frank Whistleblowers Help Clean Up Our Markets

February 6, 2018

Honest investors in public markets—which one way or another refers to most Americans—expect the government to make sure traders and the very exchanges on which they trade are not breaking the rules to rip them off. Whether they know it or not, investors should also be thanking Dodd-Frank whistleblowers for playing a central role in policing both traders […]

Pendergrass must pay extra $156K in whistleblower case

January 31, 2018

PENDERGRASS, Ga. – The bill just got bigger for one small Georgia town. The city of Pendergrass already faced a $1,056,000 jury verdict handed to a pair of whistleblowers who say they unfairly lost their jobs. This week, a judge agreed the city should pay at least some of the whistleblowers’ legal fees and expenses. That’s another $156,670. The city’s […]

Oregon Lawmaker Wants to Expand Whistleblower Protections

January 29, 2018

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — An Oregon lawmaker has introduced a bill to expand whistleblower protections in the state. Republican State Senator Jackie Winters said former Oregon Department of Transportation employee Gerritt Law inspired the bill, the Statesman Journal reported . Law informed his superiors about problems he found after taking the job in 2013. He then was […]

Jury awards $1 million in damages in whistleblower retaliation case

January 19, 2018

A federal jury this week awarded $ 1 million to a fired technology manager of a now-defunct telemarketing company, finding he was unlawfully retaliated against by a former boss who published nearly 100,000 words in derogatory articles about him on a website and public blog. Max Zweizig worked from his New Jersey home for West […]

Cybersecurity Whistleblowers – Another Thing to Consider Following a Breach

January 17, 2018

Companies that experience a cyber breach face several immediate and difficult challenges: quickly getting a handle on the scope of the breach, making sure that the intruder is out of their system, remediating any vulnerability, assessing what data was accessed (if any), deciding whether to reach out to law enforcement, determining whether any mandatory notification […]

OK lawmakers introduce legislation to protect whistleblowers

January 12, 2018

House Lawmakers have introduced legislation aimed at providing more protections to whistleblowers. House Bill 2528 would allow state employees who have reported agency wrongdoing the right to file a civil action if they face retaliation form that agency for their actions. The whistleblower would also be entitled to recover costs and attorney fees for a […]

BP settles whistle-blower lawsuit for $102 million

January 11, 2018

BP will shell out $102 million to the state of California more than five years after an employee blew the whistle on the company’s alleged scheme to overcharge the Golden State for natural gas. On Thursday, Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Burlingame law firm Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy announced the agreement, calling it the largest […]

The Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Program keeps whistleblowers busy in 2017

January 9, 2018

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s whistleblower program continues to be a remarkable tool for combating securities fraud in the United States and strengthening capital markets. As indicated in its 2017 Annual Report to Congress, the SEC awarded almost $50 million in fiscal year 2017 to 12 whistleblowers, who had provided valuable information to the SEC that […]

IRS Paid Over $33.9 Million to Whistleblowers in 2017

January 6, 2018

Washington, D.C., January 5, 2018.  Today the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) Office of the Whistleblower released its Annual Report to Congress on the IRS Whistleblower Program for the fiscal year 2017.  According to the report: In 2017 whistleblowers received over $33.9 million in awards, and over 242 award determinations were issued. Since the inception of the […]

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